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Words baseball players need to eliminate

A sore spot for me is hearing baseball players, and, in truth, athletes in every sport being interviewed and beginning every answer with the phrase ‘I mean.’

The reason it bothers me is that they say ‘I mean’ before they say anything to begin with.  The phrase should be used when something is said which is confusing to the listener, so then one says, “What I mean is . . “

Why not just say what you mean without telling people what you mean? Is it that difficult?

Question: “In the third inning you made a great catch in the gap nearly crashing into the fence. How were you able to avoid the crash, make the play, and this is your first game in this park?”

“What I mean is I measured my steps from the warning track to the fence before the game. So I mean I kept that number in my head.”

Can’t someone just say, “Before the game I measured the steps from the warning track to the fence.”

I mean really!

Since all athletes do this I have a feeling they go to some private school were they are indoctrinated into ungrammatical catch phrases. I know today’s educational system is failing, but I mean, are you kidding me?

There is another word used especially with baseball players and it is overused to the 9th degree and that word is ‘grind.’

“The baseball season is a grind.” “You have to grind out your at bats.” “He has a sore leg, but he’s going to grind it out.” “This is the part of their schedule which is going to be a grind.”

Let’s get this straight. The only grinding is done by lap dancers, like the ones near Safeco Field. I mean, not that I have been there. I am going on the grinding I hear while standing outside looking at the posters.

Mike Blowers, color commentary for the Mariners on the TV side, uses that word every game. I think he gets residuals for using the word. I like Mike. He is a good commentator, although he talks about pitch counts way too often. “Felix has thrown 42 pitches already, and we are only in the sixth inning.”( I am using exaggeration for dramatic effect here.)

I mean I like Mike and all, but watching every Mariner game on TV is a grind.