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Are the Boston Red Sox the new evil empire

If you are baseball fan you are either a Yankee lover or Yankee hater. There is no in-between.  People hate the Yankees for the same reason they hate major corporations, mainly pinstripes, symbolic of money, corporate greed, the rich and powerful. The Yankees have won 27 World Series titles out of the 40 Fall Classics they have played. The St. Louis Cardinals are second with a mere 11 titles. Chances are by the end of this century they will still be the leader.

But is it not time to look at the Boston Red Sox as the new team on the block to despise, to hate, to root against. Are they the ‘new’ Yankees, the team with too much success?

It was fun in 2004 when Boston swept the Cardinals for their first title since 1918. They were the sentimental pick, the pick for those that love the underdog, the cute, cuddly pick. But things have changed.

Since 2004 Boston has won three titles, the Yankees one. After sweeping the Cardinals in 2004, they swept the Rockies in 2007 and took four of six from the 2013 Cardinals. That is a 12-2 World Series record in their last three appearances. Dominating. Of course those type of numbers appeal to the type of neutral fans who are front runners, the type who only pull for top teams. These type of fans are to be avoided. There is something wrong with these folk.

True, the Yankees have won 951 games in the last ten years and Boston 910. In 2012 Boston won only 69, but if you take their average season for the other nine years and replace the 69 with the 93, they still fall short of New York.

But what matters is the World Series. And with three dominating championships in ten years I no longer find the Red Sox the cute and cuddly choice. They are too good, too dominating, too powerful. The only thing missing is pinstripes. The pinstripes may not be visible, but they are there in spirit and intent.

It is time for new cute and cuddly choices. Some team needs to step up like the Cubs or the Mariners. Okay, neither team can step up quick enough, but at least Boston provides true fans with someone to root against come October.

For the record I am not a Yankee fan. I grew up a Dodger fan, now I am a fan of losers.