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Who said Houston was two years away and why

I recall hearing on sports radio in Seattle last season one of those baseball ‘experts’ say Houston was two years away, would not be in the playoffs , and yada, yada , yada. I also heard the same statement made at the all-star game. Houston will fall, they are too young, blah, blah, blah. It was said by many. Based on what?

My question is what sabermetrics, what algebraic calculations  made Houston two years away. First off the statement is vague. Two years from what? The playoffs, the World Series, moving to Tahiti? What will happen in two years? That is what I wanted to know, but nobody thought to ask.

Did this person, and he was not the only one, have a crystal ball? Or did he read tea leaves, or perhaps it was tarot cards.

In an era when talking heads say any dumb thing to get Twitter followers and more gigs on radio and TV sports shows in order to get a higher profile, there are many who simply repeat the prevailing thoughts of the day without questioning what everyone is saying.

Does it occur to anyone to wonder  what it is in two years that would make a difference. Are there more young players in the minors to put them over the hump? What happens to injuries of minor leaguers, injuries to major leaguers, trades, off seasons by those who were highly touted, and oh no, suspensions.

The facts are that teams expected to win will lose, teams expected to lose will win, teams two years away are relevant now. In sports nothing can be calculated over a period of time because each year is different, each season presenting surprises.

What is consistent are talking heads whose hot air blustering sounds like Rosanne Barr singing the National Anthem.

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Mariners won’t trade Felix; Mayan’s said so

Despite a national baseball writer or two saying (because they want to increase Twitter followers) the Mariners will trade Felix Hernandez, it will not happen, certainly not this season, for it makes no sense.

Nor next season, but more on the that later.

The Mariners will not trade Felix this year, because they DO NOT need prospects. They need everyday players who can help now, not next year, or the year after. The teams who would want Felix are the ones in a pennant chase, and they can not trade everyday players, because they need them for the pennant run.

English: Felix Hernandez recieves 2010 America...

English: Felix Hernandez recieves 2010 American League Cy Young Award (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Also, no organization-and I include Seattle for the moment- is dumb enough to trade a Cy Young winner, one considered to be an elite pitcher, one considered to be a legitimate ace, for a few players who may or may not contribute at some point in time. You do not trade a star for an asteroid or two.

They could trade Felix during the off-season when teams are looking to reshape their team and are more willing to part with star hitters. But that will not happen because the Mayans predicted the apocalypse this December, so any off-season moves are a moot point.

My hope is the Mayans were right and it happens before Christmas, because I hate shopping during the rush, and I hate Christmas to begin with, and will do anything to escape the holiday. The end of the world would ease my holiday anxiety.

This picture looks like the Hawk’s nest at Qwest  Field. Must be a Mayan arena.       

So it is evident, thanks to the Mayans, that Felix will play out his career with the Mariners. And that is a good thing, because he is the only reason to go to Safeco and watch the M’s.

They can’t hit, they can’t score runs, but they have the King, someone who is worth the price of admission, provided you buy cheap seats and don’t drink beer, eat hot dogs, or like sushi. Then again what am I saving my money for? Christmas? 

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