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Two reasons why Mariners can’t win

Dateline: Twilight Zone

Reason number one of why the M’s can’t win is that they can’t beat Houston. They are 1-7 against the Astros with 30% of the homeruns the Mariner pitching staff has given up being hit by the Astros. They beat Felix 10-0 Friday night with the King allowing eight first inning runs. Houston pounds the M’s like they are playing their double A affiliate. They abuse Seattle so badly the M’s need to ask PETA for shelter.

Reason number two is the recent batch of bats came from the wrong company. They have been using plastic wiffle ball bats. It is no wonder they can’t score runs. Okay, the truth of the matter is that Safeco Field has been found to be on an old Native American burial ground and they are playing under a curse. There is another theory brought up by the Ancient Mariner who believes there is an albatross around Jackie Z’s head.

Okay, to be serious, the number two reason is that Jackie Z, Seattle’s GM, does not like contact hitters or those who can get on base. He has built a team of hitters who don’t hit. The scouting department does an excellent job of drafting and developing pitchers, but they are a disaster when it comes to developing hitters. When Seattle traded for Mark Trumbo, they gave up nothing they would miss, but they got another all or nothing hitter, one who strikes out almost as often as Mike Zunino.

And why was Justin Ruggiano let go instead of Richie Weeks? Ruggiano can play the outfield and was at least batting over .200. Weeks was batting in the .160’s at the time of the trade and can not play defense. It is not a coincidence that Weeks and Jackie Z both have a Milwaukee Brewer connection. It is playing a favorite rather than doing what is best for the team.

The rumor was that Jackie Z was trying to pry outfielder Ben Revere from the Phillies this past week. The Phillies reportedly wanted to Taijuan Walker of James Paxton. That was wisely rejected. Ben Revere is another batter with a poor on base percentage. There is no trade that can help Seattle. They are stuck.

Wait til’ next year is the new battle cry.