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Mariners Swept In Den Of Demons

They call Los Angeles the City of Angels, but to Seattle it is the Den of Demons. Not only did they loses four straight in Lucifer’s lair, but have lost 16 of their last 18  in the Dizzyland of Satan.

A demon with a Mariner skull.             (artwork by Eric Leidecker)

The good ship Mariner is sinking into the briny and before long may be lying on the bottom of the Pacific.

It is a familiar litany. The worst batting average in the league, worst in on base percentage, worst in slugging. They can’t hit. The question is why.

You can not blame the hitting coach Chris Chambliss. The Mariners tried two coaches last season and neither helped. So what goood is a hitting coach?

Chris not smiling of late.

I would think a coach looks at film, sees the the flaws, helps the player make adjustments. It is up to the player to follow through, but for some reason many Mariners are unable to get things going.

Two of the three best hitters, Ackley and Halman are rookies, though neither has had a lot of at bats.

But blowing the series in Hotel California where you can check out but never leave, gives them five straight in the loss column. After the all-star break they play four at home with division leader Texas. In order to get back in the race they must win three of the four. A split does no good and losing three or four will in all honesty do in their season.

The hiting MUST improve as the bullpen is showing a few cracks and the pitching can not continue to dominate every night. Pitchers are being overly taxed and  hitters must begin to make contributions.

But at least Ackley, Halman, Peguero,  and Seager are getting a baptism; if nothing else they will be ready for next season. Just don’t head to Hotel California without garlic around their necks, or take silver bullets, or whatver is used to kill demons.