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Mariners King Felix getting goosed

In his last thirteen starts Felix Hernandez has pitched seven innings or more allowing 2 runs or less; a stretch that only Hall of Famer Tom Seaver has accomplished. If Felix does it again in his next start he will be alone in the record book for perhaps the greatest pitching stretch his history.

How many wins should a pitcher get if he allows two or fewer runs in 13 games? If the pitcher has a good offense perhaps all 13. Not for King Felix. He has won five with five no decisions and three losses. It is indicative of a woeful offense that has reverted to the futility of previous seasons.

The Mariners who were nine games above .500 have dropped to 53-50 and in 11 of the 50 losses they have been shut out. They have scored one run 12 times and two runs 14 times. My math tell me that is 37 games 2 runs or less in 103 games.

It is said one should never kill the Golden Goose. There is no such goose in Seattle, but they need to find whatever goose is haunting the Mariners and stop him from laying all those goose eggs on Seattle’s line score.

The Mariners have scored 113 runs fewer than Oakland, 105 fewer than the Angels. In fact they are 14th out of 15 in the American League only two runs ahead of Houston. I believe pitching and defense win games, but  goose eggs on the scoreboard drag a team down.

Zunino .202; Hart .213; Miller .204; Morrison .204; Romero .198; and Ackley .242 are the primary villains for the goose eggs. They have 140 rbi’s between them an average of 23 each. Chavez has ten and Jones eight rbis, but they bat one and two in the order and no one at the bottom of the lineup gets on base that much. Seager and Cano are carrying the team and two hitters is not enough.

King Felix is acknowledged as one of the best pitchers in the game. He is 11-2, a 1.99 ERA and a batting average against of .197. If Felix won 10 of those 13 great starts, he would be a 16 game winner. By years end he could be a 24 0r 25 game winner. But with this offense he will be lucky to win 20.

Stop the goose from laying his eggs!