Are the Seattle Seahawks imitating the Mariners

What is wrong with the Seahawks?

I think they caught whatever disease plagued the Mariners this past season. Perhaps the Center for Disease Control should be notified to find a solution.

The Mariners were predicted to win their division, some even predicting they would play in the World Series against the Washington Nationals. That prediction was not close and proves why predictions should be taken with a grain of sea salt. Preseason predictions are worthless. Nonetheless there were high expectations for the Mariners, and of course, having gone to two consecutive Super Bowls, the expectations for the Seahawks were also high.

One of the Mariners big problems was the bullpen that blew games in late innings. They were charged with 36 losses and looked rotten doing it. And now the Seahawks are playing great for three quarters, then in the 4th quarter play like an expansion team, though I must pause here, because if you have watched them in the fourth quarter, they play more like dudes picked out of the stands who had a few beers too many. Who are these guys? If I were a conspiracy loony tune I would suggest, like the 1919 Chicago Whites Sox, the Hawks are throwing games.

But that can’t be. It is a mystery though, one that has local sports radio shows scratching their heads, covering everything they can think of, except that maybe they are tired. How was their off-season condition? Are the players being rotated enough so that they are not tired in the fourth quarter?

In the end it is the coaches that are the problem. It is their job to prepare players for 60 minutes, not 45. It is their job to fix the problems that arise. Seattle could be 5-1, but the fourth quarter has killed them and their 2-4 record could easily be 1-5 with the Lions game a shaky win on the last play that perhaps should have given Detroit the win.

Super Bowl hangover from blowing the lead against the Patriots? Has it gotten into their heads? Who knows.

As I said the coaches are their to fix problems and as yet they have not and the Mariner coaches and manager had trouble correcting the pitching. At least Edgar Martinez solved the hitting woes that beset them the first half of the season.

If the Seahawks lose to the 49’ers Thursday night in Santa Clara you might as well say, “Wait till next year.” I know Mariner fans are waiting. Will the Seahawks continue to follow their neighbors?



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