Why the Mariners should trade Fernando Rodney and JA Happ

Forget that the Mariners are 8.5 games from the Wild Card. They would have to pass nine teams to get a wild card slot and that has no chance of  happening; none, zero, impossible. Nor can they climb out of the cellar and pass all teams in the West for a division title. They are dead in the water with no paddles to row to shore. So it is time to unload some players at the trade deadline.

One player to unload is Fernando Rodney, a great teammate players will say. But fans are not on the team. Despite what people think Rodney has not failed as closer as he is 16 for 20; rather it his how he has pitched. He has given up 41 hits in 37.2 innings along with 17 walks. Seven home runs allowed does not help his cause either; nor his .279 batting average against and 5.73 earned run average.

Rodney will be a free agent next season and he will not return to the Good Ship Mariner. Carson Smith has claimed the closer role for now. He will have the job next season or the M’s will sign a free agent (Tyler Clippard and Sergio Santos are free agents) or make an off season trade for one.

So who would want Rodney with those numbers listed above?

The answer is any team in contention for post season play because pitching is always wanted. He would not close but be an arm in the 7th or 8th innings.

Because of his poor numbers he will not bring much in return, but does it matter. He will not pitch for Seattle in 2016 so most any player in return, like a back up catcher will do.

JA Happ could bring something a little better in  a trade than Rodney. Happ is a lefty starter and will be a free agent next season. He is a one year stop gap just as Chris Young was in 2014. He is 4-5 in 18 starts with Seattle, posting a 4.12. Since the Mariners are out of the running, lefty Roenis  Elias can be recalled from Tacoma to take his spot in the rotation.

It is time to get something for these guys.

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