This is my pitch-a commercial

I wrote my first e-novel two years ago. It is based on the fascinating story of Charley Faust. If you are a diehard baseball fan and are familiar with the 1911 New York Giants you may have heard of Charley.

Though many of the players on his team wrote about him in their memoirs, there is still a mystery surrounding Charley. He may have been the biggest country hick of all time-how do explain his attempt to find a store that sold striped paint. It could be he was mental challenged, or in the term not considered politically correct, retarded. But there was something deficient in his mental state. Though his teammates played numerous practical on Charley, and his never realizing he was the punch line, his teammates loved him.

Here is a short description of the book on one of my webpages:

Just off a Minnesota farm, Chet Koski is a rookie on the 1911 New York Giants. He will have a memorable summer as he tries to woo chorus girl Eveleen Sullivan while trying to figure out National League pitching, both of which will be difficult. But he also must look after a strange man named Charley Faust who was told by a Topeka, Kansas, fortune teller, he would pitch the Giants to the pennant. Charley proves to be a good luck charm that he attributes to the power of apple pie. Based on a true story, the novel is a satire on fame and celebrity.

Even if you are not a big baseball fan, there is much more to the story, especially with Chet and Eveleen, and their summer romance of ups and downs. And of course there is Bat Masterson, George M. Cohan, Damon Runyon, and many others

Normally this e-novel is 2.99 but Friday through Monday morning it is on sale at Amazon for .99.


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