The Mariner trolls are tweeting

Expectations are high for the Seattle Mariners, but after winning the season opener, the M’s lost twice to the Angels at home. After the first loss the trolls were tweeting  “Same old Mariners.” I am sure it is worse after Nelson Cruz struck out with runners 2nd and 3rd in the 8th and Richie Weeks struck out after Kyle Seager got a free pass to load the bases in the game three loss. As I write I am not listening to the trolls on their frequency so I am making an assumption. But experience tells me they are in the rant mode again.

For the unenlightened the trolls live underneath the Alaskan Way Viaduct as seen here.

The Alaskan Way Viaduct.jpg

During the day trolls remain in their bunkers tweeting and texting to sports talk radio stations in Seattle, watch reruns of “Glee,” fill out brackets for “Dancing with the Stars” and play fantasy soccer. The trolls do not go to games. They know as much about baseball as Kim Kardashian does about quantum physics. During the night the trolls come out, (never before blackness has settled in), go to Starbucks and debate what kind of metaphors the Munchkins represented in “Wizard of Oz.”

The troll epidemic is becoming like zombies in “The Walking Dead,”; they are everywhere. There is even one, a host on 710 ESPN Seattle, who after the M’s were shutout in game two was making troll sounds, hinting “Same old Mariners.” One could argue he was trying to stir up chatter for the talk show, but anyone who listens to him knows better. He is a troll.

One does not approach the baseball season the way a football season is approached. Baseball is a game of failure, of streaks that whether hot or cold is irrelevant. Streaks are a microcosm, a blip on the radar. To analyze even the first month of the baseball season is like looking at the first year of WW2; neither has the complete picture.

Even if the Mariners won their first 12 games, then lost, the trolls message would have been the same. That is what trolls do.








For the unenlightened about the Seattle trolls they live deep underground beneath the Alaska Way Viaduct.


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