Why the new batters box rule is good and some hitters can’t think

I like the new rule about keeping the hitters in the batting box-at least one foot after every pitch. I hope the rule will be enforced as I loathe and detest batters who step out after every pitch and walk around like they are looking for a park bench to sit on while feeding pigeons. 

I think it was David Ortiz who said he did not like the rule, as hitters need to step out and think about the next pitch, the count, what the pitcher is likely to throw, and all that jazz.

Sorry to bring up the old days, but I have no choice. When I was growing up-and you can see footage on YouTube-batters never got out of the box, not even one foot. Never I say. They stayed in the box and were able to think about the next pitch at the same time. I know you are thinking ‘but how can this be?’ You think I am kidding, that it is impossible for a hitter to stay in the batters box and think at the same time. But I assure you this is true.

Somehow Willie Mays hit 660 home runs without getting out of the box between pitches. You can look it up.

I don’t know the reason hitters of yore were able to think about the next pitch in a short time. Maybe they prepared better, maybe they knew the pitchers better, maybe they went under  the adage of ‘see ball, hit ball’.

Some of today’s hitters overthink, or they can’t think, or are trying to figure out how to think, but I have figured out one thing and it is this. From opening day forward my favorite players will be those who stay in the batters box and players I will jeer, boo, and heckle will be those complainers who can’t stay in the box because it affects their thinking.

I’m believe their brain waves are spinning in foul territory.


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