Hector Noesi-Mariner Killer

When camps broke this spring Hector Noesi was a Seattle Mariner. After pitching in two games for a grand total of one inning he was unceremoniously released by Seattle. The 27-year old was not sent to Tacoma, he was dumped, exiled, jettisoned, banished; in other words released. In that one inning he struck out two, but gave up two hits and three runs. Not great, but only one inning. It seemed Lloyd McClendon and Jackie Z did not like poor old Hector for some reason.

But in two starts with the Chicago White Sox he has killed the Mariners.

Before going to Chicago the Texas Rangers had Noesi for three games. In 5.1 innings he gave up 11 hits, 7 runs. Texas, even with all their injuries, said adios Hector and the White Sox picked him up.

With Chicago his numbers reflect a backend starter. An ERA 0f 4.15. In 115 innings, 113 hits, 82 strikeouts and 43 walks. But in two starts against the Mariners, one in Chicago and one in Seattle last night, Noesi is 1-0 in 13.2 innings, allowing 10 hits, 3 walks , and striking out 9. Even more stunning is that he has not allowed an earned run. The run Saturday night came after Noesi had retired the first 11 batters of the game. Thoughts of a perfect game ended when Beckham made an error on the third out of the inning. Noesi did not contain the little error. Morales singled and Seager doubled in the unearned run.

Including the third out of the inning Noesi then retired the next 8 batters before Zunino had a one out single in the 7th. Noesi then got Morrison to hit into a double play.

With Seattle Noesi was pitching in relief and at the time nobody knew Seattle would have the best bullpen in baseball, so his release at the time was surprising. He may not have gotten a chance to start with Seattle even if he did well in Tacoma, but we will never know. He has done okay with Chicago, but against Seattle, Noesi pitches like Cy Young.

The Mariners do not play Chicago after today’s game, so they do not have to worry about Noesi. Next year Hector could be pitching anywhere, but if he pitches against Seattle he will be ready. He is a Mariner killer.



  1. The Arbiter

    You may be right, will have to do more research. The M’s have a history of having mediocre pitchers pitch good days against them-remember Phil Humber of the Sox and his perfect game. Where is he today?

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