How to watch the Mariners on TV or in person

Your time is valuable, so you don’t want to sit down at the beginning of a Mariner game on TV to watch Mariners swing and miss, ground out and pop out inning after inning. It is best to listen on the radio while you do chores on your to-do list. If the Mariners score three runs and are leading you can drop what you’re doing, turn on the tube, and watch the rest of the game. The reason is that the Mariners are 52-17 when they score at least three runs.

If they don’t score those three runs they will lose as they are 5-37 when they score 2 runs or less. And they have been shutout 13 times in 111 games which is 8.5 % of the time. Ouch. So think what you can accomplish when they are not scoring. Laundry, mopping, dusting, mowing the lawn, washing the car, playing with the dog; the list is endless.

Going to game is different. You don’t want to go to many home games because they have a losing record at Safeco so your chance of seeing a win are slim. The marine air stifles hits. What you can do is bring a portable DVD. Mine cost $70 and during the game you can play whatever movie or TV show you want. The reason of going to the game is simple. You get to spend time outdoors, getting a tan, watching the hidden ball trick on the BIG screen, the always delightful hydro race on the same Big screen, doing the wave when boredom sets in, playing rock trivia, watching the Mariner Moose entertain children, and of course leave during the game to buy an overpriced hot dog. You do this because there are no hot dog vendors at the park, which to my thinking is un-American.

The advice I have offered is time tested over the past decade and come from many sources. I hope you have found this enlightening and that it  will improve your Mariner watching.


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