Should Mariners make a trade

I am not concerned about a deal where prospects are traded, though they need to keep D.J. Peterson, James Paxton, and possibly Chris Taylor, who may be the better shortstop long term, not Brad Miller. My concern is whether one player can make a difference for the Mariners to get into the playoffs.

Consider the Mariner offense. Logan Morrison or Justin Smoak at first. Neither has been consistent, both barely hitting over .200 and Smoak is in Tacoma. Corey Hart, whether in the outfield, at first, or DH has done nothing. Brad Miller is hitting around .180 in July and continues to flirt with the .200 mark. Mike Zunino despite his home run power is also flirting with the .200 Mendoza line. Endy Chavez and James Jones are both slumping.

The point is the Mariners do not have the chips to make enough moves to better the lineup. They could add one bat, but that one bat can not overcome the holes in the rest of the lineup. Even after adding Kendrys Morales, another bat will not make a difference. I would not mind another right handed bat, preferably an outfielder with power, but it would be a trade that improves Seattle for the long term, not just the short term. Seattle must battle the Yankees, Blue Jays, Indians, Royals, possibly the Rays and White Sox for the wild card and Seattle is slumping.


Another arm would be good, but the price of Price is too high. I had thought a couple of weeks ago another bat and another arm would help Seattle get that final wild card slot. And while anything can happen, Seattle can not add an arm to get them that final wild card spot because the Mariners will not give up what is needed and I don’t blame them. If the mariners were in the Angels position with a 7 1/2 game lead in the wild card race go for it.

The Mariners can make a trade for a pitcher, and like the bat they seek, it should be to improve the team in the long term. But right now, there are too many holes to fill.



  1. The Arbiter

    Not giving up, just stating that no trade will get them over the top. I still want a right handed hitting outfielder with more power than Dustin Ackley or Endy Chavez.

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