Can Mariners make a trade; GM’s wonder

The Mariners are in a race for a wild card spot. The divisional race where Seattle bests both the A’s and the Angels remains a lovely dream for those not living in reality.

The A’s, already with great pitching, added two starters in Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel. They want not only to remain in first, but to set up a strong rotation for the post season. The Angels strengthened their bullpen by trading for Jason Grilli, Joe Thatcher,  and Huston Street.

Many feel the Mariners are now forced to make a trade to add a bat and a starting pitcher in order to compete in the divisional race. But there may be a problem as to whether Jackie Z, Mariners GM, will follow through.

Ken Rosenthal, Fox’s senior baseball analyst, who always wants the Mariners to trade away stars like Felix Hernandez ,as he pushed for a couple of years ago, has written that other GM’s have told him it is difficult to move Jackie Z  across the trade finishing line. Jack came to Seattle with a reputation for making trades in Milwaukee, thus the nickname Trader Jack.

But there is a perception in Seattle, rightly or wrongly, that every trade the Mariners make is a bad one. Mariner fans remember all the bad ones, never the good ones. Of course, there are more bad ones to remember and I won’t go over all those here; there is no reason to depress people in summer.

So maybe Trader Jack is reluctant in light of the history in the haunted Northwest to hit the trade accept button on his laptop.

But the Mariners need a right handed bat in left field and a starting pitcher, a good one, to give them three solid starters for the post season. Remember the famous football quote, “You play to win the game.” So make the moves to put you in a better position to win the game. Bring me the arm of John Lester. Bring me the bat of Marlon Byrd. Push that button Trade Jack.


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