Mariners magic number is three

Heading into the Mariners final game before the all-star break they have a 51-43 record. Major league pundits, radio heads, TV heads, columnists,  and people who love crunching numbers say the Mariners can not sustain their winning ways. They point out the team batting average, on base percentage, and tell you they are lucky. One person said they were getting cluster hits. It is another way of saying they hit well with runners in scoring position.

But they keep on winning. And the statistic under W is the only number that counts in the end.

Here is a statistic for everyone to think about. The Mariners magic number is three. When the Mariners score two runs or less they have a 5-27 record. I would wager any team scoring two runs or less will have a losing record. But when the Mariners hit their magic number of three, as in three runs or more, they have a 46-16 record.

So if the Mariners score three runs, chances are they will win. Friday night against Oakland they won 3-2 and Saturday night they won 6-2. I am going out on a limb and say if the Mariners score three on Sunday they will sweep the A’s, a good way to head into the all-star break.

But . . .

The second half is another season. It is the drive to get into the playoffs. With Roenis Elias struggling, probably on an innings limitation, and with Taijuan Walker having control problems, the Mariners need another starter. I think the Price is right for Seattle. It has been reported the Rays are scouting Mariner players and the Mariner scouts are doing the same with the Rays, indicating a possible multi player deal.

Of course it good be all smoke.

But if the Mariners land David Price they have another magic three, as in King Felix, Prince Iwakuma, and David Price. That is a staff set for the playoffs. And if the offense can score three runs or more during the playoffs . . .





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