Where did Mariner food vendors go ?

In the last Seattle Mariner game I attended the only vendor in my section was selling cotton candy. No soda or beer vendors, nobody selling peanuts, Cracker Jacks, or hot dogs. Where are they?

It got me to thinking and I realized I have not seen a hot dog vendor at Safeco Field. Maybe they exist, but I have never seen them. I will probably find Big Foot at a Mariner game before I see a hot dog vendor?

Nor have I seen a peanut vendor since Rick the Peanut Man died. He was a legend. A great fan friendly personality, delightful sense of humor, sharp wit, and the ability to hit his customer rows away with a perfect behind the back toss that Peyton Manning would envy. He was the Ken Griffey Jr. of peanut vendors.

Once in a blue moon I see a beer vendor.

At one time there were vendors selling pennants and other team merchandise, but they have gone the way of the Dodo bird.

The Mariner pride them selves on being fan friendly, but if they were fan friendly they would have a hot dog vendor in my section, or somebody selling ice cream, Cracker Jacks, peanuts, pizza, something other than cotton candy. Do the Mariners think I am at a carnival?

Seriously, I must eat before the game because it will be my only chance. I either have a couple of dogs or chicken tenders and fries. But during the game, about the 6th or 7th inning I  might like something else. It can’t be anything sloppy as I have to score the game and do not want to mess up the scorecard, but Cracker Jacks would be welcome. It’s part of the song we sing in the 7th after all.

I mean really, do they expect me to get up from my seat and roam the concourse looking for food while the game is going on?

I wrote this because at the moment I am hungry.  And it is all true.


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