Seven reasons why Mariners are worst team in baseball.

1. Eight straight losses and 10 in last 12 games.

2. They went to Miami where the Marlins had lost nine straight; Miami, one of the worst teams in the National League swept Seattle.

3. Mariners came home to play Houston who had lost seven straight; M’s lose first two by the previously worst team in baseball. Had it not been for Kyle Seager’s 3-run walk-off homer in 9th, they would have fallen into cellar behind the Astros. Seager had his first two homers of season, and all 5 rbis in 5-3 win. Thanks Kyle, but. . . 

4. One of the Astro pitchers, Collin McHugh (who?) made his Astro debut in second game of series. He previously was with Mets and Rockies in which he pitched 47.1 innings and gave up 72 hits with 8.94 ERA. Against Seattle 6.2 innings, 3 hits, no runs, and 12 strikeouts.

5. Coming into today’s game, Wednesday the 22nd, the Mariners were batting .222 with an on base percentage of .276. I have heard both Mike Blowers and Jay Buhner bring out that old inane cliché, “sometimes you have to tip your hat to the other guy.” Like McHugh? Please, he is not Justin Verlander. I like Mike and Jay, but despite what Mike says, they have not juts been running into good pitching. And hat tipping is passé.

6. If you think the numbers quoted in reason 5 are based on a short sample,  I might agree, except consider the last four years; averages beginning in 2010 were .236 .233, .234, and .237; on base percentages of .298, .292, .296, .306. I guess the Mariners having been running into good pitchers for the past four seasons. That is a lot of hat tipping. Hitting coaches of changed, managers of changed, the numbers stay the same. Mariner scouts keep missing on hitters is my best explanation.

7. Ackley was moved from the 8th spot in the order to the second spot, a move by the way I said should be done in my blog the day before it happened. Ackley said it did not matter, he was ready. He was 0-8 with six strikeouts. He was moved back to 8th. Sorry Dustin. It got in his head despite what he said. That scares me. It tells me he is not a pressure player.

This blog was written during the 9th inning of the third game in the Astro series that Seager won, so I had to do a quick edit. The Mariners foiled me again. But I stand by my statement due to reason six and what is transpiring this year. That and Collin McHugh. Now if the M’s can sweep Texas at Safeco this weekend. . . oh never mind.





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