What Mariner fans should take from Seahawk fans

I have to say at the beginning the biggest difference between football and baseball is that football is an aggressive, physical game and baseball is a passive, reflective game. That means football fans are rowdy and baseball fans congenial. As a Seahawk ticket season holder for a decade I can testify to the rowdiness, fights in stands, drinking, swagger, loudness, yelling, and fear of ones life. Having gone to hundreds of Mariner games I can testify to the friendly, quiet, sober, clapping-not yelling, civilized folk . If the fans were rated like movies, Seahawk fans are rated R and Mariner fans are rated G, unless Boston or New York is in town, then it is PG.

It will never happen because of the mind set of the two sports, but if Mariner fans took note of Seahawk fans and became the 26th man, it would scare visiting teams like what happens across the street at The Clink. Imagine 40,000 + at Safeco yelling at the top of their lungs, “SWING” at every pitch thrown by a Mariner pitcher. Batters would be on edge as they wait for the roar of “SWING” to resound through their ears. They would be tense, off balance, befuddled, discombobulated, swinging at pitches before the ball has left the pitchers hand.  There is no point in yelling insults to opposing players, they have heard it all, so there is no point in trying to be funny. Fans are rarely funny and when they are, it is to those immediately around them.

Since half the attendance at Mariner games are kids 12 years of age and under, they must be trained, perhaps by the Moose, though having been around him he doesn’t talk. All kids should be seated around home plate and the dugouts so they can be heard. They can have instructions passed out before the game and if need be their parents-who must participate or be ejected by ushers- can read them for the reading impaired. The Moose can cue the kiddies by holding up the “SWING” sign at the appropriate time.

The Mariners can form a modern version of a knothole gang with certificates, discounts on candy and kid stuff at the team store, getting their picture taken with a player, and of course the knothole bobblehead, and most importantly a colorful tee-shirt, like King’s Court fans get. 

It won’t happen because no one listens to me, especially the Mariners. They just don’t see good marketing when they see it.


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