Who did Mariners get in Peguero trade and Russell Wilson’s Texas Ranger card

Carlos Peguero, designated for assignment by Seattle, was traded to Kansas City for the proverbial ‘player to be named later.’ The question is what player. Can George Brett still hit” Can Bret Saberhagen still pitch? I think the answer is no to both. Nor will they get any player on the 40 man roster.

The reason the Mariners will not get much is that Peguero has only hit .195 in 65 Mariner games. He is 6’5″, weighs 260 and has power with a capital P. I saw him hit a few of his nine homers with Seattle and they literally jumped off the bat as if they were shot out of it. One hit the façade in right field so quickly Carlos had  barely got of the batters box. I was surprised that the ricochet off the façade did not fly all the way back to home plate. No long majestic homer runs for Carlos. His homers were bullwhipped out of the park.

But he struck out 84 times in 205 at bats. It seems the Mariners considered that a liability though that did not stop them from signing the likes of Russell Branyan and Richie Sexson in the past. Peguero hit 19 homers for Tacoma in 2013, hitting .260 with 83 rbis in 118 games. The potential is still there.

Usually the player to be named later will be a minor league player, who may not have much value. In many cases, the signing team, in this case, Kansas City will send Seattle some cash at some point.

For both Seahawk and Mariner fans, Russell Wilson, Seattle’s Super Bowl quarterback will be featured in a Topps baseball card in late April. It shows him in a Texas uniform (photo shopped) and he is pictured in an at bat ready to swing. I can’t remember if it is a limited run, one of the many subsets that card company issues, but I know it has to do with prospects. Texas admits there is no chance Wilson will play baseball, but it will be a cool card to have. It will look nice next to my football Topps Wilson rookie card.

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