Seattle Mariner scandal will make Carlos Peguero free agent

Carlos Peguero, the 26-year old with huge power potential, but even larger strikeout potential, is out of minor league options. He must make the 25 man roster in Spring Training or be put on waivers. However, he may be waived sooner, rather  than later, thanks to his wife.

Carlos Peguero

Carlos Peguero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peguero’s 22 year old wife, Maria, has been charged with three counts of wire fraud. She allegedly made $180,000 in unauthorized charges on a debit card. And guess who the debit card belongs to. None other than Sandra Hernandez, the wife of King Felix. It is bad enough to commit fraud, but using the debit card belonging to the wife of Seattle’s superstar will get your husband his walking papers.

The Mariners can not afford to have something like that hanging between teammates, even though Carlos appeared in only two games this season. He played in 65 games over the past three years. Truthfully he was probably gone anyway. This incident with his wife opens the door wider.

In May of this past season when the Mariners were on a long road trip, Maria spend a few days with Sandra at the Hernandez home in Bellevue. Documents say they spend a lot of time online shopping. But over a 3 and 1/2 month period of time Saks Fifth Avenue was sending purchases to the Peguero’s home in Fife , and the billing was sent to the Hernandez home. Saks became suspicious and an investigation ensued.

Maria is free on bond, but if there is a trial and she is convicted, she could face twenty years in prison.

The Mariners of course, will not comment, and while it was reported that the card belonged to someone within the Mariner organization, an anonymous source, said the card belonged to Sandra Hernandez.

I wonder of Carlos will put Maria on waivers.   



  1. Christopher Patterson

    So over the course of 3 1/2 months the Hernandez card was being used to the tune of $180,000 and this is just now something that was noticed? Or was this just something kept under wraps by the team somehow until now? If it’s the former I’m astonished at how poor the Hernandez house is at auditing/checkbook balancing. “Honey, what’s all these charges from Sak’s for?”


      Good point. I think more than anything the investigation was to make sure they had sufficient evidence, well documented, to bring charges. That does take time. As for the Hernandez household, without knowing, only speculating, they may have kept quiet while the investigation was going on. And it could be Felix has a business manager or accountant who handles bill paying. Just speculating of course.

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