Are Mariners nuts? They want Piniella back.

English: Lou Piniella, manager of the Chicago ...

English: Lou Piniella, manager of the Chicago Cubs, walking away from an umpire after a discussion (cropped). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was reported by Ken Rosenthal that Seattle reached out to former manager Lou Piniella to see if he would return as the Mariners manager? Assuming the report is accurate, it is clear why the Mariners continue to flounder. The brain trust (satirically written) does not know what they are doing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a Piniella fan. He did a great job in Seattle and if the brain trust had a better relationship with Lou, he may not have left. Howard Lincoln, Chuck Armstrong and perhaps Jackie Z, if that is the brain trust, are going in the wrong direction trying to get Lou.


Jackie Z said the Mariners were looking for manager, most likely a bench coach with minor league experience who would be a teacher. Lou does not fit the profile they claim to be looking for. Lou is great with a veteran team, but is impatient with young players and the Mariners are loaded with young players. He is not the type of manager you hire in a rebuilding process, he is the man you hire when you are ready to take the next step with a veteran team poised to do something.

And besides Lou is seventy and does not want to manage, and if he did, why would he come back to Seattle when he would rather stay retired. The brain trust (still being used sarcastically) could throw some big money at him, but they are throwing money at an ancient Mariner, when they should be spending money on free agents.

The best thing the Mariners did was hiring Lou in the first place. They should have done everything to keep him. But that ship as sailed. You cannot go back in time. You can not turn the clock back to 1995. Obviously Howard and Chuck have no clue on how to develop a team. They hire a GM and manager every few years and continue to reboot. And this latest attempt at rebooting will crash the computer.

Do what Jackie Z says and go after a teaching bench coach. The team needs to work on fundamentals, not just in Spring Training, but throughout the season, something they did not do in 2013. Take infield drills before games, work on plays, sharpen defensive skills. Move forward, not backward.



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