Seattle Mariners looking ahead; 2014 schedule released

With the Mariners getting swept at home by the lowly Houston Astros, getting outscored 25-7 in the process, and having lost 10 of their last 12 home games, what better time to look ahead to 2014. There will be time later to gnaw on the Mariner carcass.

Once upon a time, not that long ago, baseball teams released their schedule for the following season in the cold of Winter. No longer. Unlike the NFL which annually turns their schedule release into must see TV for NFL addicts; the schedule being digested, analyzed, and debated by NFL analysts like it really mattered, Major League Baseball sneaks their schedules out when no one is looking. 

But I am here to provide commentary and make the schedule a must read.

The Mariners open the season April 1st (No jokes please) at the Disneyland Angels, They play two there, then on to Oakland for three before coming home with three games each against those teams. Of interest is that 21 of the first 24 Mariner games will be against divisional foes. Expect the same in September when 23 of their last 27 games are against the Angels, Rangers, Astros, and A’s.

If you enjoy National League teams, the only one appearing for a weekend will be the Washington Nationals, August 29-31. The Mets come in on a Monday, July 21, for three and the Atlanta Braves play on Tuesday and Wednesday beginning August 5. And yes the Mariners ‘natural rival’ the San Diego Padres are on the schedule, but I don’t know when. This series generates as much excitement as a Kansas City-Miami game played in Guam at midnight during monsoon season.


Angel (Photo credit: Stephie189)

                                                   The early bird catches the foul ball

What I like about the schedule is that the Mariners only have two three city road trips and only one will be troublesome. In August they go to Detroit, Philadelphia, and Boston, but they have a day off after the first six games. The only bad trip (besides a 1960’s flashback) is in September. After an afternoon game with Oakland on Sunday the 14th, the Mariners go to Los Angeles to play four with the Angels, then to Houston for three, then up to Toronto for four games before returning home to play the last three games of the season with the Angels. Thus they finish the season with 17 straight games, 11 of which are on the road, and four of those in a foreign country.

The good news is that the trip comes at the very end of the season, by which time the Mariners will be playing for another 75 win season. And everyone will be watching the 2013 Super Bowl Champions, the Seattle Seahawks.


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