A baseball statistic that does not exist, but should

Something I heard on the radio made me curious about what I thought would be an interesting statistic. So I googled. No luck. Of course it must be considered I incorrectly googled by using wrong key words. But variations proved fruitless. I checked obvious websites, such as SABR, but a search on their site came up empty.

The statistic in question came about when I was listening to the radio the day after the Mariners were the victim of a walk off win by Kansas City. The announcer said it was the ninth walk off loss by the Mariners this season. I wondered how many walk off wins they had and what their walk off record was.

Graph showing, by year, the average number of ...

Graph showing, by year, the average number of runs per MLB game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The statistic must exist because baseball is full of Sabermetric people who analyze everything, coming up with all sorts of things I still don’t understand like WAR. Is it necessary? And there is the Elias Sports Bureau, the official statistician for Major League Baseball, the NFL, and the NBA. But their website is closely guarded, a fortress that one can not enter. Apparently they don’t like to share. But they must have it, no doubt tucked away like the Shroud of Turin

Even checking MLB’s own site turned up nothing.

I did check some other baseball site, and though my search was not extensive, still something should have turned up.

I am amazed that there is a baseball statistic that should be of interest, yet is so elusive. There is no formula to figure it out. Perhaps that is the reason. It is not something measurable to compare to like WAR, or even batting average.

But I would like to see each teams win-loss record in walk off games, now more than ever. Perhaps like Bigfoot, it doesn’t exist.

If I were ambitious I would check through every game played this year by every team and find all those walk off wins and losses. But after all that work, how do I capitalize on my research and findings? Does anyone care about this stat, or just me?

Most likely I would spend hours and hours, then close to finishing my research I would accidently discover it has been done and would have wasted all my time. That would be a walk off loss for me.


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