Shamless plug for my new baseball novel

In July of 1911, Charlie Faust walked onto Robison Field in St. Louis before a game where the New York Giants were warming up. He told John McGraw, New York manager, about a fortune teller in Kansas who said Charlie would pitch the Giants to the pennant. He did join the Giants, but not in St. Louis, and not exactly in a normal way.

English: Former NY Giants pitcher Charlie Faust.

English: Former NY Giants pitcher Charlie Faust. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To this day, nobody knows if Faust was a bit crazy, slow in the head, or exactly what. He was the target of many pranks by his team mates, but speaking of him in later years, they all spoke highly of Charlie.

My E-book takes an insider look at the events surrounding Charlie and the Giants. The narrator is Chet Koski, a fictional rookie on the team, who is not doing well on the field, or off the field, as he courts chorus girl, Eveleen Sullivan. He wonders about the nature of luck, coincidence, God, and the female loon.

 The baseball action is taken from play by play accounts, and many of the pranks and jokes played on Charlie actually happened. Though Charlie never pitched until late in the season, he still managed to become the talk of New York, written about in all the newspapers, and playing Vaudeville within a few weeks of arriving in New York.

Chet will become friends with Christy Mathewson, Bat Masterson, George M. Cohan, and Damon Runyon as he tries to sort out his life and make sure Charlie has his apple pie.

The book is not juts baseball fiction, but a satirical look at fame and celebrity.

It is available at Amazon for $2.99. Thanks for your time.

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