Should the Mariners do what the Idaho Vandals football team did

It worked for the Idaho Vandals in college football, maybe the Seattle Mariners can try the same approach.

Idaho and Washington would meet each September in Husky Stadium. Idaho, after getting vandalized by the Husky’s 36 out of 40 games, tying two, winning two, they cried uncle, choosing to abandon the series. Who can blame them? Too bad, the Husky’s always got a win, and the Vandals had cute cheerleaders.

English: Logo for University of Idaho Vandals ...

English: Logo for University of Idaho Vandals Category:University logos Category:Sports logos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seattle should do the same with the Boston Red Sox. Thankfully they are done with them for 2013. The Mariners won the first meeting July 8 in Seattle 11-4 which at that time gave Seattle five wins in seven games. But Boston won the next three of the four game series by scores of 11-8, 11-4, and 8-7. The losing streak to the Red Sox is now six after being  swept in Boston. The Mariners lost 8-2 Tuesday, then lost a heartbreaking 15 inning game Wednesday, 5-4.

That set up the fiasco of Thursday. King Felix pitches 7 innings allowing one run. Mariners led 7-2 going into the bottom of the 9th and Tom  Wilhelmsen, Oliver Perez, and Yoervis Medina faced 10 batters, got one out, and blew the game for Felix as Boston’s six run inning gave them a shocking 8-7 win, torpedoing the Good Ship Mariner. It is bad enough that frequently King Felix gets no runs to work with, losing games 1-0, or 2-0, or drawing a no decision. The three members of the bullpen who pitched the ninth in Boston sabotaging Felix’s great effort should walk the plank in shark infested waters.

What Brendan Ryan is to hitting is what Wilhelmsen is becoming to closers. The waters he is navigating, if he keeps this course, will find him out of a job next season.

The Mariners should cry uncle to Major League Baseball, call Commissioner Bud and get Boston off the schedule next year, and every year that Dustin Pedroia and David Ortiz are there. It is a mismatch. Seattle and Boston may both be in the American League, but the Mariners are clearly not in the same league competitively. Seattle are the Vandals to Boston’s Husky’s. The Mariners are the new Vandals, but without cute cheerleaders.


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