Was there no syringe in Jesus Montero’s swag kit?

Major League baseball could, if all the legal wrangling is on their side, suspend twenty players . The list I saw had only fifteen, but they included known liars like Alex Rodriquez and Ryan Braun. Obviously with the numbers they have put up, their performance was enhanced.


Honest John Morrell

Honest John Morrell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

        This is Honest John. He never used performance enhancing drugs

If Dr. Frankenstein‘s lab down in Florida had beakers full of chemical enhancers that increase a players ability to hit for a higher batting average, hit for more power, throw the ball  harder, then how can Jesus Montero be guilty of taking anything. I doubt he has even been eating Wheaties.

One could posit that in 2012 he was hitting under the influence. In his rookie campaign he batted .260, hit 15 home runs, and had 62 runs batted in. But are those the numbers of a young rookie hooked on a needle? Many baseball talking heads expected he would have had a better year. Was he not given a syringe in his PEDS swag kit? Did he have second thoughts about using a needle? If the enhanced power was in pill form, maybe lost the bottle, or hearing a knock on the door late at night, he flushed them into the sewer. Clearly if the drugs were working, he would have hit better and with more power.

In spring training this year his name surfaced in connection with Tony Bosch and the Frankenstein fountain of hits lab. Montero denied knowing anything about Bosch, the lab, PEDS, and was believable in his denial, unlike A-Fraud and Braun-Fraud.  Besides he was a Seattle Mariner, a team in need of enhancement and what kind of teammate would he be if he did not share? If Marshawn Lynch can share Skittles, Montero can share his candy.

This season began and Montero struggled, so much so, that after 29 games and 101 at bats, he was sent to AAA Tacoma to learn how to play first base because he can not catch with major league proficiency, nor could he hit, as his .208 average reflected.

One could deduce that he was playing under stress with PED allegations over his head and how it would affect his career if the truth surfaced like a mobster victim in the East River. Then again, knowing he had to get rid of evidence he cleaned up his act, quit the juice, flushed the candy, and played under normal conditions.

So he flopped like a beached whale, was sent to the minors, tore his meniscus after seven games, placed on the disabled list for at least a month, probably longer. Now he is idle and under scrutiny by Major League Baseball investigators, maybe the Feds, and even worse by the Seattle Mariner brain trust (and I use brain trust loosely) who wonder why they traded for this guy in the first place. Jesus is having one bad year. It turns out he fits in with the Mariners after all.




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