Mystery of the evil, vile, degnerate, bobblehead thief

Bobblehead promotions are a popular giveaway to fans, especially in Seattle, and when it is a Felix Hernandez bobblehead, and one honoring his perfect game of 2012, the crowd will be lining up early. Among those in the long winding lines going around the block from various gates waiting to get in was a thief, at least one, could have been more, maybe even a crew of them, seeking as many of the 20, 000 bobbleheads they could lay their hands on to sell on E-Bay.

It was not a sell out as my friend thought it would be, but the attendance was 35,000 strong, including King’s Court decked out in yellow t-shirts, K Cards and energy, though the energy began to dissipate as the Rangers kept getting base hits against Felix, and after his exit in the 6th inning, their energy was gone with the wind. They sat muted by the impending Mariner loss, their 8th straight game of futility.

Do you think me paranoid for sitting comfortably, keeping score, with one foot on either side of the box containing the bobblehead for fear someone behind me would reach down under my seat and steal my cherished bobblehead? Of course you do.

But guess what, my paranoia served me well as that is exactly what happened to my friend sitting next to me. He had his box standing upright, pushed back way under his seat. He had looked at it once after eating his chicken tenders and waffle fries, an then slid it back. At games end we searched under his seat, my seat, up and down, but his King Felix was gone. Evidence left behind were garbage and food remnants in front of the seats directly behind his.

Needless to say he was chagrined and saddened by this event. He thought maybe the guy came late, was not one of the 20,000 lucky fans to get Mr. Bobblehead, had a kid at home and wanted to get one for him. I think that scenario made it easier for him. My thinking was the guy wanted to sell one on E-Bay. And it would be easy during an on field action when fans were looking at the field, for the evil, vile, degenerate, thief to easily reach down and pull it up. There is that much room between the concrete drop off and the bottom of the seat.

It is downright  evil to steal from a baseball fan at a ballgame, and a bobblehead? I wish nothing but karma to wreak havoc on this heartless son of Satan. If this incident was a 1960’s episode of Twilight Zone, this person would turn into a bobblehead, his head bobbling for eternity. May Rod Serling strike this thief from beyond the grave.


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