How the 2013 Mariners have started compared to 2012

Every new season is different. Or is it.

After 17 games in 2012 the Mariners were 8-9, while the 2013 edition is 7-10. Only a one game difference. It is early, the polls are still open, the networks have yet to declare a winner. The new edition can still be better than last years crew.

Seal of Missouri.

Seal of Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are Mariner fans excited about Kendry Morales and Michael Morse, the power in the middle of the lineup? The first 10 home games in 2012 drew an average of 20, 837. the new, improved, stronger lineup playing in a park with shorter fences, have drawn an average of 18, 549. Apparently Mariner fans are like the Show Me state of Missouri, and they have yet to see anything different from last year. Either that or they want more bobblehead nights.

The Mariner brass have said they wanted to build a solid team centered on youth. During the 10 game home stand Justin Smoak, who continues to disappoint, hit .216. The North Carolina  infield, Dustin Ackley and Kyle Seager, hit respectively .212 and .211. Catcher Jesus Montero hit .231. The good news is that their averages are climbing, but climbing like new ivy at Wrigley, in other words, very slow. But they are getting better. At least it is hoped they are not leveling off.

However, Brendan Ryan is headed south, as his .071 average in the home stand indicates. All Mariner fans who are religious should to a church, light a candle, thank God for Ryan’s defense and pray he starts to hit.

So far this years edition is showing the same lack of offense as last year. The fences were brought in, but in the 10 game home stand, the Mariners hit 6  home runs and the bad guys belted 11.

And the lack of offense shows up when Felix pitches. He has an ERA of 2.20, but is 1-2. They did not give him runs in 2012 and the same is true this year.

Yes it is early, the samples are small, but the show does look familiar. I think I saw this one before.  


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