Here is why the Seattle Mariners will be in the World Series

Seattle looked great in their first two games. King Felix and the bullpen shutout Oakland. Obviously pitching will be a strong suit. It was also evident in game two in which Hisashi Iwakuma dominated like he did last season. And Michael Morse powered two home runs, the offense generating six runs in the win.

True Seattle lost game three to Oakland, but Joe Saunders was pitching and the last few years have not been kind to him. The Mariners were not going undefeated, but they improved enough in the offseason to show in the early going they are heading to the World Series to face the Washington Nationals.


English: Joe Girardi

English: Joe Girardi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reason I wrote those two opening paragraphs is based on what I heard on radio shows Monday and Tuesday. After New York lost to Boston on opening day, I heard a national sports talk radio host ask a national baseball writer a question. He wanted to know if Yankee ownership would be worried enough about that loss that Yankee manager, Joe Girardi, should be worried about his job. After a brief pause the writer said no. He went on to explain that it was only one game, that the Yankees had all their star players on the DL and so on.

The tone of the question by the radio host, the concern in his voice sounded like he was serious. I also heard some concern from a radio host in Seattle who was worried about the lack of offense in Seattle’s opening day 2-0 win.

In mulling over this overreaction to one game from these two samples, as well as few others, I have come to the conclusion that people bring a football mentality to baseball. That does not work. Football is played once a week, it is more an event than anything.  In a sixteen game schedule more is at stake every Sunday. Not so in baseball.

A baseball  team can not be judged on one or two games. Football is a sprint, baseball is a marathon. If football was a meal it would be a starving man tearing into barbecued ribs like it was his last meal. Baseball is a nine course black tie dinner where guests chew each bite 32 times and savor each and every mouthful of sumptuous food.

You can not judge what kind of baseball team you have until after forty or fifty games. I will not worry about losses, but I will savor each win. But they better win today, otherwise we need to look at call ups or trades.




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