Does Felix Hernandez have Zombie elbow

It was reported that Felix was getting a $175 million contract for the next seven years; a mere $25 per season. It would make him the highest paid pitcher in baseball. But when no official announcement was made, nothing heard from the Mariner black tower about a press conference, people worried.

English: Pathological fusion of three bones at...

English: Pathological fusion of three bones at elbow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then a story broke that there was something on his elbow. Was it a bump? A lump? Calcium  deposit?  Was it a walking dead elbow? Zombieitis? The someone said an MRI showed that he would have the problem down the road, as in seven years. Really? You can see the future in an MRI? 

 He withdrew from the World Baseball Classic where he was going to pitch for his native Venezuela. There must be something wrong, it is all true. He would not withdraw if he was healthy. But if the Mariners want to protect their investment, then they will not allow him to pitch and chance an injury to that $25 million elbow.

If you believe the rumors, the contract was not signed because the Mariners were worried about the elbow, wanted protection in the contract if he had zombie elbow, or whatever the problem was. But Trader Jack, Mariners beloved and bedeviled GM, said nonsense. Jack said there is nothing wrong with Felix, or his elbow. In fact, Felix has not had his physical. When he reports for training camp, which is today, February 12th, Felix will get the physical, and not doubt sign his contract once he clears medical doubts.

The truth of the matter is that we shall soon find out. I tend to think his arm and elbow are fine. Felix had been pitching at the Safe, throwing like Felix always throws, according to Jack.

This is Seattle, where there are Sasquatch sightings, where the term UFO was coined, and people drink too much coffee. It is the type of city where rumors are going to arise, probably because of the price tag. If Felix  or any Mariner player is getting Yankee type money, then something must be wrong. Thus arises the mythic, urban legend, of zombie elbow.

Unless of course, it is true.


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