Jesus Montero deserves a pass and Ryan Braun doesn’t

I know what a Pez dispenser is, but a Miami Peds dispenser is something new to me. Apparently it is the newest designer performance enhancement cocktail.  Ryan Braun and A-Fraud have once again have been linked to a drug and once again they have denied it. Jesus Montero, of the Seattle Mariners, is a new name to a drug scandal.

Jesus Montero

Jesus Montero (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

I don’t think I am going out on a weak limb, a limb that Louisville Slugger will turn into a broken bat, that Braun and A-Fraud are both liars. Braun said he was innocent last year. But he tested positive. He got off because of chain of custody. However, no one proved the sample was tampered with. As fas as the aging Yankee third baseman, he admitted he lied, but he has lied his whole career, as all those who follow the Mariners in the twilight zone of the Pacific Northwest know.

The point is they are liars and their denials should not be believed. Granted, at this point, the investigation is ongoing, nothing has been proven, there is a possibility in this crazy world we live in, the whole thing could blow up, but if nothing else, Braun and A-Fraud are once again under a dimly lit bulb in the interrogation room of public opinion. It is good to keep the heat on these two as well as anyone else connected. Eventually they got Al Capone, so keep the pressure on.

Jesus Montero is making his rookie debut as a suspected enhancement performer. He has the same agent as many of the players connected to the Miami Vice lab. Montero has denied the allegations and considering how he played in 2012, he could be telling the truth.  For now, he gets a pass that Braun and A-Fraud do not get, because they broke our trust. There is no reason to believe them. If it turns out Montero did use Peds, not Pez, then he can be lumped with the other liars and cheats, like Lance Armstrong, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Mark McQwire, Sammy Sosa, Rafael Palmiero, Ryan Braun, A-Fraud, Melky Cabrera, Manny Ramirez, and a growing list of names too numerous to mention in all sports.


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