What exciting promotions await Seattle Mariner fans

April 8th, opening night against Houston is also the first of many Mariner promotions. That night fans will get a magnetic schedule. They would give out paper schedules but they know fans would toss them away, too disposable,  plus magnetic schedules look good on the frig.

Remember Funny Nose Glasses Night? No, it is not coming back, but Beard Hat Night is. It is a ski cap with fake facial hair attached. It is not a coincidence that it is also college night. Circle April 26th on your calendar.

There will be more College Nights, as well as Senior Days and nights, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Family Night, and every other day-or so it seems-kids day, running around the bases, parading before the games, taking over jobs in the press box, etc, etc. 

There is also Native American Day, August 27. It takes the place of Custer Bobblehead Day which fell through. September 7th is Latin America Beisbol Night.

Something for everyone.

April 27th is Bat Night. It is unclear if the M’s are actually giving away wooden bats or the winged creatures found in MLB’s Man Cave.

Tonight Starring Jack Paar

Tonight Starring Jack Paar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did I mention Tuesday’s are Tee-Shirt Night?

Want fireworks? Not the tater Fireworks kind. We all want that. But for the first time at Safeco Field on June 28th following the game with the Cubs it will be boom, boom time. Also on July 9th, following the game with the Brewers.

June 29th will be Turn Back the Clock Night. For M’s fans, you can not turn the clock back far enough.

July 13th it is Dustin Ackley Gnome Night. Yes, fans get a garden gnome. Sounds better than July 25th when it is Stitch and Pitch Night. It is a night for knitters. I kid you not, as Jack Paar frequently said. Feel free to google his name young folk. It is unclear if fans get needles. I think not, but most likely . . .  no I don’t even want to know.

Two big bobblehead  nights are sure to bring in huge crowds. One is Felix Hernandez Perfect Game Bobblehead on May 25th. The other is Ken Griffey Hall of Fame Bobblehead. This is for his being inducted into the Mariners Hall of Fame, August 10th. I am thinking sell out crowd for Junior. He is loved in the Emerald City.

Those are the promotion highlights. Now they just need Winning Team Night. Did I mention Tom Wilhelmsen Train Engine Night.


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