If the Kings become the Sonics can Mariners become Pilots

It is not official because until it happens it hasn’t happened and with those crazy Sacramento Kings owners, you never, ever know, but it looks like the Kings will be in Seattle next year as the Sonics. That brings up the question of team names and why the Mariners should change their name to the Pilots or the Rainiers, or anything.

Pilots' logo.

Pilots’ logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think of the name Supersonics. It has potency, it is mighty, reminding of those big, powerful jets. Even Sonics without the Super has thundering sound, like sonic boom. A great team name.

And how about the Sea-HAWKS! It has fierceness; a large, awe inspiring bird, spotting his prey, swooping down for the kill. Two short, simple syllables, that chanted by the 12th man sends chills down the backs of visiting teams.

Those are two great team nicknames. So too was the one year wonder, the Seattle Pilots, of 1969. It fit with the city, whose reputation was the air (Boeing) and the water (Puget Sound). A pilot is in charge of a plane and a ship. A perfect name for the city. And the Rainiers, the name of the AAA team in Seattle for decades, is a name that reminds of that commanding, majestic, mountain. Both great names.

But the Mariners?

No wonder they are mediocre. It’s in the name. It is neutral. It is passive. It is flat. It is a bogged down, waterlogged name.

When I think of Mariners, I think of a crew, a bunch of sailors. Where is the swashbuckle like in Pirates. Okay the Pirate team has been awful for years, but the name is better, far better than Mariners.  What do Mariners do? I hear the name I think of sailors swabbing the poop deck. On the good ship Mariner there is a lot of poop to be swept. It is an ongoing chore, like painting the Golden Gate bridge, by the time they finish, it has to be done again.

Forget a big trade. It won’t happen. Forget signing a big free agent bat. It won’t happen. I would rather have a name change. Of course it won’t happen either. Too much poop to be swept up.



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