Seattle Mariners: Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

I heard it through the grapevine. But most vines are tangled, twisted, and climb brick walls in Wrigley, so buyer beware.

With newly acquired Kendrys Morales probably playing first base, Justin Smoak, who has not lived up to expectations, is rumored in a possible trade to Baltimore.  The Orioles hoodwinked the Mariners getting Adam Jones a few years ago, so perhaps lightning will strike twice for the O’s. I hope not. But they are welcome to Justin for any prospects they might have.

One trade in the rumor mill that has as much substance as a waterlogged rosin bag, but is fun to mention, is acquiring Giancarlo Stanton and his 37 homers, 86 rbis, and .290 batting average with the price being Kyle Seager, Taijuan Walker, Danny Hultzen, Nick Franklin, and Gabriel Guerrero. This is truly giving up the farm, and the Mariners are not likely to part with those players. I think this rumor was started by baseball trading card nerds.

The Mariners are interested in an outfielder and the Tigers Brennan Boesch has been mentioned, as has Andre Ethier. Boesch can probably be had with the earlier mentioned waterlogged rosin bag. The rumor makes no  sense as Boesch  is no better or worse than the handful of outfielders the M’s already have. Ethier would be better, cost more, but likely to help Seattle more than Boesch.

English: Rick Porcello at Dodger Stadium.

English: Rick Porcello at Dodger Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And if the Mariners are unsure if Paxton or Hultzen are ready to replace the departed Vargas in the rotation, Rick Porcello and his 10-12 record and 4.59 era has been rumored. I would rather see Paxton or Hultzen take the spot. Actually I would rather see a four man rotation with the fifth starter the old-time spot starter when needed.

I don’t know where on the grapevine these rumors begin. Maybe from fans like you or me, maybe by intrepid reporters, maybe by the fly on the wall. It does, however, give fans something to bounce around the winter hot stove, because that is all that fans can talk about until spring training. Of the ones mentioned here, I like the Justin Smoak trade. That is the one that that seems probable. I would do the Stanton trade if we keep Walker and give up the Moose.


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