Does anyone want to play in Seattle

Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik said a substantial offer was made to free agent Josh Hamilton in terms of years and dollars. Hamilton signed with the Angels, which means Hamilton wants to play for a contender. It is also likely that the Angels made a more substantial offer, just like they did last season signing Albert Pujols.

A rumored trade for Justin Upton is not likely. He is rumored to be traded every year, but he always stays with the Diamondbacks. He also has a limited trade clause and one of the teams he can decline a trade to is Seattle.

Michael Bourn

Michael Bourn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That leaves Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn, and Cody Ross, as free agent outfielders the Mariners would have interest in. I have not heard them mention first baseman Adam LaRoche, but he too is available.

That brings up the question of whether anyone wants to play for the Mariners. Anyone of quality that is. Hamilton and Upton don’t, so does anyone?

The Mariners have been a doormat for most of their history and especially the last few years which has seen losing seasons and declining attendance. A losing team with a lot of young players that have to compete with the Rangers and Angels, who are not afraid to spend money to compete for a title, is not too enticing. The Mariners are not afraid to spend for a huge HD scoreboard for their hidden ball under a hat sideshow.

The Mariners are also on the West Coast, which is not bad if you are in a media market like Los Angeles, but Seattle is in the far north where rain and snow dominate the winter and spring and summer winds turn home runs balls into outs until July.

I live here and I am not sure I want to play for the Mariners. I am not even sure I want to go to any of their games.

It will be interesting to see if any decent free agent will sign with Seattle. There is still hope for a trade, at least according to Trader Jack. He says he wants value for value and has turned down trades because he felt he was giving up more value than he was getting. I guess it was not substantial enough.



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