Yes or No, should Edgar Martinez be in the Hall of Fame

The answer is yes, because I, like all Mariner fans, love Edgar. I know that is not enough reason for Edgar to be in baseball’s cherished institution, so let us look at some numbers and one important criterion as to why Edgar should be in the Hall.

Edgar played 18 years with Seattle and was selected for seven All-Star games (this is important as you will find out later).

English: Edgar Martínez throws out the ceremon...

English: Edgar Martínez throws out the ceremonial first pitch at a Seattle Mariners game on 6 June 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During his career he won two batting titles, five Silver Slugger awards; as well as twice leading the American League in on-base %, once in runs, doubles twice, and RBI’s once.

If he wasn’t first in a category, he was near the top. He showed remarkable consistency, but there are a few things working against him.

First, he played for Seattle, a bad team for many of those 18 years. Most writers back East are either asleep or in bars when Seattle is playing in the great Pacific Northwest, and they probably can not find Seattle on a map in the first place, and  believe people in Washington and Oregon are still fighting Indian Wars to avenge Custer. Add the fact that Edgar was quiet and unassuming, you can see Edgar was overlooked and taken for granted. He was not flashy, not outspoken, not controversial; he was invisible.

Second, he was a DH, therefore not a complete player, or so the thinking goes. He did play third base early in his career, and played some first base on occasion, but did not distinguish himself in the field, leading third basemen in errors one year with 27.

But-and this is what I was getting to earlier- one of the  ways voters are to look at a candidate is this: was the player in question one of the best at his position during the era in which he played. As I mentioned he made seven All-Star teams as DH, meaning he must have been one of the best DH’s in the American League. And, for better or worse, the DH is a position. Consequently it is a position that needs to be looked at and Edgar was one of the best at DH, many saying he set the standard. In fact, there is an American League award given yearly to the best DH and the award is called the Edgar Martinez Award.

Now if they name an award after you, you must have been special. EdgarMartinez belongs in the Hall of Fame. The defintion of a HOF’er says so, not just me.


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