What or who is next for Seattle Mariners

The Kansas City Royals traded for two veteran starting pitchers, James Shields and Wade Davis, giving up two of their best prospects in the process. And since the Royals say Billy Butler, whom the Mariners wanted, is not available, it looks like Kansas City is putting coal in the Mariners sock this Christmas.

Billy Butler

Billy Butler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Texas lost their hope of adding Zach Greinke to their rotation. He signed with the Dodgers. That means Texas has money to resign Josh Hamilton, who wants to stay in Texas anyway. So it looks like Hamilton isn’t in the Mariner lifeboat.

Michael Bourn, a base stealing center fielder, is still out there.  While he would help Seattle at the top of the order, the Mariners want to add power.

What is next for the trade marooned Mariners?

Can they still make a trade for Justin Upton? But are they willing to part with top prospects like Kansas City, who want to win now?

Jack Zduriencik was given the nickname Trader Jack , but last off-season he was gun shy. Is he willing to pull the trigger now? He said he would trade young prospects for the right player, but will he? I worry that Jason Bay will be the only move. I worry that Trader Jack is no longer the quick draw gunfighter, having lost the edge for the fight.

Other teams have been active, but the Mariners are silent. Maybe like a rattler, they are lying peacefully in the sun, just off the trail, waiting to strike at the right moment. Then again it is winter and that rattler is probably in hibernation, sleeping it off. Wake up Jack! Strap on that gunbelt, spin the cylinder, load that Colt .45, and get in the fight. Shoot some prospects over to those snakes in Arizona and snare Justin Upton.

Or sign Adam LaRoche to play first base.

But do something that will give the Mariners hope the way Kansas City did with their fans.


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