Jason Bay no big deal for Mariners and other news

Mariner fans waiting for the big bat that Trader Jack is seeking to bolster the middle of the Mariners feeble offense need not scratch their heads with the Jason Bay signing, though in fact, he has yet to put his name on the dotted line. That should be Friday.

English: Jason Bay at a game between Orioles a...

English: Jason Bay at a game between Orioles and the Red Sox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is amazing that a .161 hitter can garner, if rumors are true, a $1 million deal. He was a a power hitter, but injuries have plagued him the last three years, making him, not a young 34, but an old 34. Still there is nothing to lose. He still has to make the team out of spring camp. At best he can be a 4th or 5th outfielder and DH once in awhile. It is a risk worth taking if his injuries are behind him.

The Kansas City Royals are said not to be interested in trading Billy Butler, but have said nothing, at least in my ears, about Alex Gordon, who would be a good fit for the new look Safeco Field. But no rumors surround his name.

Apparently if rumors are to be believed, the Mariners had interest in Justin Upton of Arizona and there was a possibility of a four team musical chair swap of players that would have brought Upton onto the good ship Mariner, but the deal fell through. But like Lazarus we can hope for resurrection.

The Mariners are still in the hunt for center fielder Michael Bourn, a player I said earlier would be great at the top of the Mariner lineup. He can hit in the 280’s and steal a ton of bases. One major problem is that Scott Boras, the Ebenezer Scrooge of agents, represents Bourn. Bah humbug!

Nick Swisher is still in being looked at by the Mariners as a corner outfielder. He is attractive for his leadership, his power, his run production, and the fact he can also play first base. Should Justin Smoak once again fail to hit until September, Swisher can change gloves.

Trader Jack said he is willing to trade some of their hot prospects and Taijuan Walker’s name was rumored in the Upton trade, and that is the way it should be. You hate giving up young prospects with a big upside, but you have to pay for what you want. And if Jason Bay is the only off-season move it will be a chilly summer at the Safe with more seagulls than fans. Those poor seagulls may starve to death.


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