Mariners acquire Robert Andino

Seattle traded Trayvon Robinson, 25, to the Baltimore Orioles for utility player Robert Andino, 28. That means the Mariner roster is three years older. What else does this mean for the Mariners?


Trayvon Robinson is young, fast, likeable, plays hard, but in 90 games for Seattle the past two years has hit .215. He is a decent fourth or fifth outfielder for Seattle. The question, as with most young players, is will he get better, or has he hit his plateau. A lot of young players are out of the league after a few years because they never improve, never make the big adjustments, their contributions are minimal, and there is always another young player coming along who may be better.

Robert Andino

Robert Andino (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Mariners get Andino who is a .235 career hitter, but in 2012 hit .211 for the Orioles in over 400 at bats. He can play all three outfield positions and play third, short, and second.

This is a trade of one backup for another. Obviously neither player figured in their respective teams future, and in the long term, I doubt either player will make an impact with their new teams.

 I understand the need for a good utility player, someone like Mark McClemore, who played everywhere for Seattle in the Pinella years when Seattle was at the top. He was more than a fill in, more like a 10th player in the lineup, starting nearly every day to give a somebody a rest. With Mark in the lineup, the Mariners never missed a beat. A player like Mark is rare and Andino is like the 24th or 25th player on the roster. He has no power and does not strengthen the lineup in any way.

Some trades are one-sided, some trades can not be assessed until years later, other trades improve both teams, and some trades, like this one, mean nothing.

This is a typical Thanksgiving trade, one turkey for another. Unless of course, Trayvon Robinson becomes the next Adam Jones for the Orioles. Now that was a turkey trade for Seattle. Erik Bedard for an all-star outfielder. Thank you Mr. Bavasi-speaking of turkeys.


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