Which free agent outfielder would fit best in Seattle

If the Mariners are looking for an outfielder there are many to choose from.

Need a leadoff hitter? Michael Bourn of Atlanta, 29, hit .274 last season. He averages 51 steals per season which makes him an attractive signing. Angel Pagan, 30, of the Giants hit .288 with 38 doubles, 15 triples, 8 homers, and 29 stolen bases.

Nick Swisher running on the basepaths during a...

Nick Swisher running on the basepaths during a game between the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles on August 26, 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want to add power? Nick Swisher, 31, of the Yankees can be had. Nick hit 24 homers, had  93 RBIS, and a 272 average in 2012. A definite gamer with championship mentality, he brings positive energy to the clubhouse and diamond. B.J. Upton, 28, has not reached his potential according to some talking baseball bobble heads. He did hit 28 homers, drove in  78 runs and stole 29 bases. But he only hit .246. His brother Justin is in the same category of not reaching what was expected and Arizona reportedly has him on the trade block. Justin is only 25. His best years should be ahead of him. If the D-Backs are dumb enough to trade him, Seattle should be smart enough to talk with the Snakes. Justin hit .280 with 17 homers, 67 rbis.

I know he is ancient at 37, but Tori Hunter hit .313 last year with 16 homers and 92 RBIS. The downside is that he is an Angel and we had no luck with another Angel named Chone. If Tori could be had for a one year deal with an option for 2014, the M’s should sign him. If for no other reason than he seems to kill us.

There is also Shane Victorino, 31, but his numbers were nothing to get excited about after splitting the season between Phillies and the Dodgers. He gives 100% but if the price is not right on others, Shane could be in the picture.

A better fit would be Delmon Young, 27, of the Tigers who hit .261 with 18 homers and 74 RBIS. He could be coming into his peak years.

Then there is Melky Cabrera, 28, who was limited to 113 games because of his suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. A .346 average with 11 homers and 60 RBIs is the evidence. I would pass, due to the fact he was an average player until last season. Without enhancement he is likely to revert to ordinary.

For my money Michael Bourn is the man to sign as free agent. I also like a trade for Justin Upton. It is hot stove time meaning time for dreaming.


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