Which free agents can help Seattle at first base

Have the Mariners given up on Justin Smoak? If so, there are some free agent first basemen available. There is no Prince or Albert to make a splash, but someone could help.

Before we look at who could help, lets look at who the Mariners should ignore. Heading that list is Carlos Pena, 34, who has played for six teams. He has power, but  a .234 career average is not what the M’s need. Last season he hit .197 with 16 home runs. The good ship Mariner does not need to punch his ticket.

Another big no goes to James Loney who split 2012 between Los Angeles and Boston. He is only 28, but his career high in home runs is 15 and that came in 2007. Last season he hit a combined .249 with six homers. He is not a crewman who will help the good ship Mariner.

Trader Jack said he wanted a veteran presence and Kevin Youkilis has that. He is 34 and his best defensive has been at  first base. But his average has gone down the last two years, .258 in 2011 and .235 last season. He is a bit of a gamble, but if all else fails he might do well in Seattle.

Mike Napoli, more of a catcher has still played a lot of first base. He is 31 and his hit 20+ homers the last five years. He would be a good fit, but there is someone who would be a better fit and that is Adam LaRoche.

Adam LaRoche

Adam LaRoche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

LaRoche turned down $10 million from Washington and at 32 is the best free agent first baseman available. He had 100 rbis in 2010 and 2012.  In 2011 injuries limited him to 43 games. Last season he hit 33 home runs and has averaged 27 per year. And he has the veteran presence Trader Jack is looking for.The Mariners should be thinking about Adam LaRroche. He would be a good choice to join the crew of the good ship Mariner. Justin Smoak has disappointed for two seasons. A third is not acceptable.


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