Gold Glove awards are a joke.

Despite having all the numbers showing he is the best defensive shortstop in baseball and despite winning the Fielding Bible Award, which indeed said he was, Seattle Mariner shortstop Brendan Ryan did not win a gold glove. The voters chose J.J. Hardy instead.

The Gold Glove Award given to Eric Chavez for ...

The Gold Glove Award given to Eric Chavez for his performance during the 2005 season (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Managers and coaches are the voters and they just don’t get it. They need to look at the actual award shown to the right. It is a glove, not a bat. Yet year after year, Gold Gloves often go to good defensive players who have solid, if not outstanding offensive numbers. As mentioned in previous blog, Rafael Palmeiro won a Gold Glove one year for his play at first base in a year he played less than 30 games at the position. He was the DH, not a position player. Apparently managers and coaches in the American League  had faulty memories, confused and addled, with onset of senility.It is ludicrous to weigh offensive numbers for a defensive award. If the numbers say Brendan Ryan is the best shortstop then he should be awarded the Gold Glove, not get the Golden Fleece.

To me it is just as stupid as giving an MVP award to a pitcher. That is what the Cy Young award is, to honor the most valuable, the best pitcher in the league. Hitters can not win a Cy Young because they do not pitch, so why should pitchers win an MVP award. To say that in some years there is no standout offensive player and that a pitcher may indeed be more valuable does not matter. As I said, the Cy Young designates the most valuable pitcher.

Gold Glove awards mean nothing. In a game measured by statistics, numbers, sabremetrics, theorems, formulas, ands space age mathematics, these awards are subjective, and a thoughtless subjectivity at that.

And by the way, how did Mike Trout of the Angels not win a Gold Glove? In another study he was chosen as the best defensive player in baseball. Period.

 But being the best shortstop in baseball and the best defensive player in baseball is not good enough for a Gold Glove. What a joke.


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