Mariners ownership screws their fans again

One would think the people who run the Mariners from their ivory tower would understand business. They don’t understand baseball, but surely they should know the business world. But once again they have alienated their fans base, namely season ticket holders.

What they did was raise the cost  for season tickets, in some areas as high as 11%. And if you say any team has the right to raise prices, I agree. But it would be nice to tell your ticket holders first, let them know about the increase. They did not.

Because attendance has sunk like the Titanic, because the fan base is dwindling, heading across the street to watch the Sounders, because the revenues are down, the Mariners in essence, are making the few remaining season ticket holders pay more to compensate for those who have left. These guys should go into government since that is where you find decisions made where the few pay for the many. Is it not heart warming to see fans penalized for being loyal to a team that continues to lose year after year, to pay more money for a mediocre product.

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If the Mariner bigwigs up in that ivory tower truly wanted to win fans and influence people, they would lower the prices, giving a thank you to the Mariner fans who support them with their dollars. Even lower prices for single games, make them affordable so that more people will go to games. If the prices were low enough that people would be enticed to go more often, then those revenues would go upward. More people spending money would compensate for the perceived loss. It is like a Blue Light special, a Black Friday sale at Wal-Mart. Give the fans deals too good to pass up, so that more fans take advantage.

Instead of being bold, instead of being creative, they just raise prices like oil companies. The difference is that I need gas, so I have no choice. But I have a choice with the Mariners. Every time you or I go to a game and buy tickets, we are voting with our money. When we buy a ticket, we are saying yes to Mariner ownership. Considering the Mariners slap in the face to loyal fans and their opposition to an arena being built in the Sodo district, I am not sure I will be voting in Seattle come 2013. Maybe I will save my money and vote for the Sonics.


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