Seattle Mariners batting averages make no sense

The fences are coming in at Safeco Field for 2013, but what gets lost in the talk of more home runs for the Mariners, is the hitting in general, namely why they can not get any hits at the Safe. The Mariners hit .247 on the road, not exciting in itself, but at home, sweet home, they hit a sour .220.

Safeco Field in Seattle.

Safeco Field in Seattle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kyle Seager hit .293 on the road, but .223 at home; Jesus Montero .295 on the road, .227 at home; Justin Smoak, 235 on the road, .198 at home; and Michael Saunders, .262 and .229.

Brendan Ryan who got hits as often as Obama gets Republican support actually hit better at home, belting out a whopping .211 compared to .178 on the road. Miquel Olivo also hit better at home, .233 compared to the road of .213. Eric Thames, who came over in a trade hit .310 at the Safe and only .138 away.

What does it all mean? How do we interpret these numbers? Is it that hard to get singles, doubles, and triples at the Safe, or do the Mariners just have young hitters who have gotten psyched out by all the babble and rabble about how hard it is to hit there?

Managers set lineups using the best hitters he believes can help the club on a given day against a certain pitcher. Few managers have a set lineup, often using the right-left matchup at positions not manned by superstars.  Looking at Mariner averages it is tempting to wonder if a manager could use home and away lineups. The only problem is that the data you need can best be used about the all-star game as the samples would be too small before then. But some hitters light up in the summer, so what are you going to do, other than go with what you have been doing.

Mariner hitting coach Chris Chambliss was let go when the season ended. Seattle goes through hitting coaches like kids go through candy on Halloween. I don’t know what makes a good hitting coach, but the M’s need one, somebody to turn these numbers around. The home batting averages make no sense. It just does not compute.





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