How the Mariners can beat the Angels in 2013.

The Mariners can beat the Angels in 2013 if they bypass King Felix when they face the Disneyland Wonders. He may be the King, but against the Angels Felix is a lowly servant, the Angels personal whipping boy, beating him like  he was a timid demon, and he has the scars to show it. In five starts in 2012 against Mickey Mouse and his goofy gang, Felix was 0-3 with a 6.25 ERA. Mike Trout scorched Felix with 8 rbis and was 9 for 17.

This is not an aberration. Felix has only beaten the Angels six times. Fake an injury, alter the rotation, do anything to lessen Felix’s starts against the evil Angels.

English: Hisashi Iwakuma 日本語: 岩隈久志

English: Hisashi Iwakuma 日本語: 岩隈久志 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Instead resign Hisashi Iwakuma. The Angels could not touch him. To say he has their number is an understatement. Versus the Angels Iwakuma was 4-0 with a 1.23 ERA. Versus the rest of the league he was 5-5 3.75. To the Angels he is a demon they can not tame, can not subdue, have no answer for. Mike Trout has no answer either. The young wonder boy was only 2 for 12 against Iwakuma, both hits singles and had no rbi’s.

Iwakuma will be a free agent and the Mariners need, no must, sign him. He had a bad spring training, they lost faith in him. He was expected to start, but was relegated to the bullpen for long man duty. Even then he was ignored. In the first 64 Mariner games, Iwakuma pitched in only nine. He was the 25th man on the roster, the kind of guy who in little league gets in once the game is out of hand and his parents are in the crowd.

But as the season went on, he became more confident. Iwakuma finished strong and he dazzled the Angels. The Mariners need to beat division rivals, needing all the help they can get. True there is no way to insure he will do that in 2013. They can turn around and beat him like they beat Felix, but he still performed well enough to show he was the type of pitcher they thought he was. Bring him back. Let him at those pesky Angels. Let him take revenge against them for Felix.


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