Seattle Mariners ownership selfish and insecure

To the sports fans in the Pacific Northwest, especially those of the Seattle Supersonics, a beloved team that was sold down the dustbowl by the city of Seattle and the NBA, Chris Hanson is Santa Claus. To Mariner ownership Chris Hanson is Satan.

Chris Hanson has made an incredible offer to the city to build an arena, bringing a new Supersonic team back to the Emerald City along with an NHL team. Unless a billionaire offers to spend all his money to build an arena, this is the best offer the city will get. Hanson has been accommodating, willing to work with whatever the city throws his way. He does not threaten, does not intimidate; but does everything to please.

Despite their pleadings that they are not against the proposal, just the location, the Mariner ownership, led by Chuck Armstrong and Harold Lincoln are throwing up a smokescreen.

The Mariners were good at promoting. I used the word ‘were’ because attendance has fallen dramatically. Their marketing of family and kids has worn thin. There is only so much money to be spent by sports fans and if the Sonics and an NHL team come to Seattle, there is more competition for those precious dollars.

The Mariners do not want, nor do they like competition. If they did want to compete, they would have done a better job of bringing a winning team to Seattle. But they are content to be mediocre while making a huge profit the past ten years. They have said in the past their goal is not to get to the World Series. Obviously that goal has been easily attained. They would make more money by spending more wisely, trying to get to the World Series where they can make even more money.

Any good business, any good corporation, any organization, private or public, is only as good as its leadership.  The team continues to have losing records. It reflects  a losing ownership. Their attitude is selfish because they want to control the sports dollar. They are already getting killed by the Sounders whose soccer team draws huge crowds. Anymore competition for spring and early summer dollars will hurt them even more. They are insecure because they are afraid to compete. Bring back the Sonics.



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