Murderer of Seattle Mariners Greg Halman set free

You can get away with murder in Holland.

November 24, 2011, Jason Halman, brother of Seattle Mariners 24-year-old rookie outfielder Greg Halman, stabbed Greg in the neck and killed him. Now Jason has been set free, no trial, no punishment, having gotten away with murder.

English: Baseball player Gregory Halman during...

English: Baseball player Gregory Halman during Major League youth clinic in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What happened that day we do not know. It was said there had been an argument, but it is speculative, there are no witnesses. The District court in Rotterdam has said Jason “was in a state of psychosis” at the time of the murder. 

In other words Jason was temporarily insane. Can not that be said of most murders of passion and anger. A person, for whatever reason, temporarily losses rational sense, reverting to a psychotic state, commits murder, then regains his senses. Darn, I didn’t mean to do that.

Temporary insanity is a defense that does not hold much water in American courts anymore. While I am not a psychiatrist, nor an attorney, this type of defense has the appearance of an excuse.

Why could Jason not be tried for manslaughter?

The court went further. According to psychiatrists based on their evaluation of Jason, that “there is only a remote chance of any reoccurrence; it is well possible that the psychosis has been a singular event.”

I focus on ‘remote chance’ which means to me, that it is possible he could murder again. Also that ‘it is possible. . . a singular event.’  Then it is possible it is not a singular event. If something set Jason off once, is it not reasonable to assume there is a triggering effect that could set him off again?

The fact is Jason killed his brother. He was responsible for Greg’s death. Whether he was in a temporary psychotic state, or had a great lawyer, or fooled the doctors is not the point. At the very least manslaughter charges should have been brought for the simple reason that people need to take responsibility for their actions.

If not, then you get away with murder.


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