Seattle Mariners have trouble with faucets

I don’t like cold showers. People who do are weird to my thinking. Things tend to shrivel up and hide in cold showers, in fact cold in general, which is why I prefer hot, as in summer, sun, and showers.

Watching your favorite team over the season is frustrating because teams run hot and cold. The Mariners won nine straight games-that is hot, everything going great; pitching, hitting, fielding. late inning heroics, comeback wins. Then they go to Chicago. It is the windy city and nothing hot going on there for the M’s.

 Seattle lost one run games Friday and Saturday and as I write (Sunday) they are losing 4-3 and in a long rain delay. The Cubs have already had their game called in the 9th inning and with more thunderstorms coming, chances are the Mariner-White Sox game will also be called, giving the M’s a three game losing streak, all losses heartbreaking. That is a cold shower.

It does cause one to think when the Mariners are on the road, the city they are playing turns down the hot water heater, making it tepid, not hot. This would go a long way to explain road woes. The Mariners play in Minnesota next and the traveling secretary needs to check out the showers with a thermometer.

hot-water heater Français : Chauffe-eau de sal...

hot-water heater Français : Chauffe-eau de salle de bain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It can not be explained why teams run hot and cold. They just do. It is like the weather, unpredictable. I remember two years ago the weather report for one summer game in Seattle was warm and sunny, the type of day for a tee-shirt and shorts. Wrong. Thunder and lightning filled the Seattle skies, clouds dark and menacing. The roof was closed, no tan in the sun; drenched heading to my car after the game. That was a cold shower.

So if the Mariners game gets called as I expect it will, they are running cold. All that can be done is wait for the water to run hot once again, then things will right in the world, flowers will bloom, and we will be fresh and clean with no shriveling.



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