Seattle Mariners home cooking heats up

Early this season I wrote the reason for the Mariners lack of offense at home was due to cold arctic air drifting down from the north. Blame it on global warming. The chilling air came from those infernal melting icebergs, the thick, damp, cold air freezing baseballs as they headed for the fence, never quite getting there, unable to navigate the icy air.

Icebergs around Cape York,Greenland. The icebe...

Icebergs around Cape York,Greenland. The icebergs are beautiful and display many interesting shapes. You could see the iceberg with a hole at the image. The hole was caused by weathering effects – erosion by waves, wind and melting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay I exaggerate for dramatic effect. But I did say, as has been proven in San Francisco as well, that cold air affects the baseball. The cold air is thicker, making it harder to hit home runs.

The Mariners leave on a road trip with an eight game home win streak, and have won 15 of the last 16 home games. In case you have not noticed, it has been much warmer, the Mariners offense as hot as the weather.

It seems Michael Saunders hit a home run every day this past week. Eric Thames hit home runs in back to back games and is batting over .400 at the Safe. Jesus Montero had a big 3-run blast.

It may be with Ichiro gone the team is more relaxed. It could be they are starting to come together as a team. The eight game win streak in their longest in years. But I still come back to the warm air. It is no accident that King Felix is pitching better in the summer than in the spring. Pitchers love the heat, so do batters.

Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard (Photo credit: Rhys Asplundh)

Baseball is a summer sport, not one for the spring where you have to bundle up for both day games and night games. At night fans need a parka, gloves, a blanket, and a thermos, not mention a Saint Bernard.  In the summer guys wear tees and shorts and girls wear short-shorts and halters. God Bless Summer-and not just for the girls in their shorts and halters, but for Mariner home runs.

Of course should the Mariners ever get to the World Series, they will be playing in November, probably near Thanksgiving the way Major League Baseball is going. And that means parkas, snow, cold air, and pitchers with dueling perfect games. We will never win.



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